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Putin states about mutual “sympathy” between Russia and Azerbaijan

Photo: kremlin.ru

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “we feel the mood of the Azerbaijani leadership to build interstate ties based on mutual interests, I would say even a certain degree of sympathy to each other.”

“It is impossible to explain in any other way the existence of 300 schools that work in Azerbaijan in the Russian language. I know that President Aliyev supports the study of the Russian language in the republic in every possible way. This means that the Azerbaijani leadership proceeds from the fact that the Azerbaijani citizens will need the Russian language for the development of bilateral ties,” Putin said on June 5 at a meeting with heads of foreign news agencies.


“We are diversifying our relations more and more. If we maintain this attitude on both sides, and in Russia we have the same attitude, I am sure that the results will be good,” the Russian president added.


Vladimir Putin also commented on cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the North-South transport corridor.


“President Aliyev supports this project. We have discussed it with him many times. The Iranian leadership also supports it. And since it promises to be very profitable, foreign investors, including sovereign Arab funds, have stated about their interest in this project. There are issues that require additional research. Which sectors, including in the territory of Azerbaijan, will we finance? Will it be a loan, will it be direct financing from Russia? How will it be connected with those branches that will go to the West through the territory of Azerbaijan? Then we need to finalize everything with our Iranian partners and friends: how will we build this track? Will it be wide or will it be a narrow gauge that runs through the territory of Iran? But the most important thing is that everyone is determined to implement it. The question, of course, is the timing, the cost, but on the whole, they have already been practically finalized,” the Russian President said.


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