Pictures of home -

Pictures of home

In August 2010 Mediamax presented its “Pictures of Home” documentary about the lead signer of Deep Purple band Ian Gillan on “Shant” TV.

The film is based on the footage, made in October, 2009, during the rock stars’ visit to Armenia within the framework of “Armenia Grateful 2 Rock” project, and the interview with Ian Gillan, recorded in March, 2010, after Deep Purple lead signer’s charitable concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Armenia.

“I believe that many Ian Gillan fans will see him from a different angle. In the film, Gillan speaks of his attitude towards religion, God, culture and is showed as a person, who has a deep and philosophical view for vital issues”, Mediamax Director and the scriptwriter of the film Ara Tadevosyan stated.

The title chosen for the film is not accidental. First of all, “Pictures of Home” is one of the brightest hits of Deep Purple, which Ian Gillan performed an encore during March concerts in Yerevan. Secondly, as the musician said himself, he considers Armenia his “spiritual home”.

The premiere of the movie was dated to the 65th anniversary of Deep Purple lead singer. The signer celebrated his birthday on August 19, 2010.

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