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Opinions about Us

Serzh Sargsian, Armenian President:

Mediamax is rightly considered one of the most attentive observers of foreign policy of our country. Our foreign colleagues, interested political and governmental circles, international organizations, expert and media communities are informed on our foreign policy, on the approaches of official Yerevan towards individual urgent issues also due to the consistent efforts taken by Mediamax.

The work of the Agency also significantly helps Yerevan be informed on the approaches and opinions of our colleagues towards issues of concern for us. I want to highlight the fact that Mediamax, which enjoys great authority both in Armenia and abroad, always remained adherent to principles of fair journalism and, as a result, it is one of the most quoted news agencies not only in Armenia, but also in the region.

Tigran Sargsian, Armenian Prime Minister:

Becoming in a short period of time one of the most famous agencies in Armenia, Mediamax continues remaining adherent to the principles of impartial and trustworthy information, offering the subscribers in the country and abroad quality information and analysis on topics of internal and foreign policy, economy and business. I am glad that Mediamax portfolio is constantly replenished by interesting projects.

Robert Kocharian, Second President of Armenia:

I warmly congratulate the leadership and all employees of Mediamax on the 10th anniversary of the agency establishment. Mediamax reporters have always presented trustworthy, unbiased and versatile information and are rightly considered high-class professionals. Today, it is difficult to imagine the information field of Armenia without Mediamax and the new projects of the agency. I once again congratulate you on the jubilee and wish you many years of productive work and new professional achievements.

Matthew Bryza, U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State:

I am grateful that Mediamax exists. Mediamax has emerged as a professional, reliable, and fair news service that analyzes with care and expertise, conveys stories as accurately as possible, and helps correct errors that inevitably occur on complex subjects such as those in the Caucasus. Mediamax is thus a great success, providing a key component of independent media, which is a fundamental building block of democracy.

Seda Pumpyanskaya, Director of Communication of the Council of Europe:

I would like to congratulate Mediamax on the occasion of its tenth anniversary and to thank for our fruitful co-operation. Media play a crucial role in promoting the Council of Europe’s work in advancing democracy and the rule of law, as well as responding to the new global challenges in protection of human rights which our societies face. Strong independent journalism is indispensable in any genuine democracy and is a great contribution to our societies. I wish Mediamax to continue spreading these common values and hope that our co-operation will continue to make a difference for many years to come.

Ronald Asmus, Executive Director of Transatlantic Center of the German Marshall Fund of the United States:

Russian-Georgian war in August 2008 riveted the world's attention on the Southern Caucasus and the wider Black sea region and underscored the growing importance of this region in the 21st century. For those trying to understand what is happening in Armenia and the region, Mediamax is an indispensable English language and user-friendly source.
Much of what I know about Armenia is attributable to the excellent Mediamax news service which I read with great interest and enthusiasm.

Peter Semneby, European Union’s Special Representative to the South Caucasus:

In 10 years since it was formed, Mediamax has been more than just a news agency. Mediamax has been at the forefront of the transformation of journalism in Armenia. I have learned and value and respect Mediamax for just and depictive reporting, profound analysis and incisive interviews. When reporting about matters I am familiar with, Mediamax has always been to the point. It continues to set standards for news reporting and analysis in Armenia.

Tim Coey, BBC Monitoring, Regional Manager Eurasia:

BBC Monitoring has subscribed over the past nine years because Mediamax offers a cost-effective, timely, concise and accurate service of news about important events in and/or concerning Armenia. BBC Monitoring editors have found this information useful as they seek to present a balanced picture of events in the South Caucasus region.

Ralph Yirikian, General Manager of “VivaCell-MTS”:

For “VivaCell-MTS”, as Armenia’s leading mobile operator, the value of information is in its usefulness, speed and accuracy, and also the responsibility. Business news is a unique and fast-growing type of media in nowadays Armenia, and Mediamax is a pioneer of this sphere, which is all about high-speed information about finance, business and competition. Financial and business professionals should be provided with business information, and thanks to Mediamax, information is delivered to their desktops in whatever way they need it

Professional presentation of business news is a distinctive capability of only a very advanced news agency, and Mediamax sets the standard. As a social medium, Mediamax has been always driven by constant innovation of and dedication to the art of informing.

Artur Javadyan, Chairman of the Central Bank of Armenia:

In ten years of its existence, staffed with young personnel, Mediamax always put forward interesting and urgent initiatives in the spheres of political, economic and financial reporting.

Artyom Minayev, Head of “VimpelCom” OJSC Public Relations Service for CIS countries:

Mediamax is an example of high level of professionalism in all types of its activity. I am sure everyone likes to read the agency’s articles, which do not distort the reality and which present information in intelligible and impartial manner. I would also like to mention flexibility in cooperation with our company in media monitoring provision: it is always pleasing, when the contractor meets the customer halfway and not only completely fulfills the tasks set for it, but also constantly strives to optimize and improve its product.

Ara Grigoryan, General Durector of Yerevan Brandy Company:

Yerevan Brandy Company has been cooperating with Mediamax for over 6 years. Endless professionalism of Mediamax team, as well as its extraordinary responsiveness to things happening in Armenia and beyond its borders, is a deposit for our long-term cooperation. One of key directions of our cooperation is media monitoring service. Yerevan Brandy Company wishes Mediamax Agency success and prosperity.

Yevgeni Gladunchik, General Durector of “Electric Networks of Armenia” CJSC:

In 10 years, Mediamax has gone a long way from formation and to leadership in media market of Armenia. Undoubtedly, for any media outlet, popularity among the readers is the best indicator. Many employees of our company read your articles, and we highly appreciate the contribution you make in promoting information awareness of our staff.

Johan Fredholm, NASDAQ OMX, Regional Manager:

When NASDAQ OMX entered Armenia, we knew that good financial journalism would play an important role in developing the Armenian capital market. The media can raise awareness and increase understanding of financial markets among the general public, and also give investors the up-to-date information about companies and the overall economy they need to make good investment decisions.
Therefore I am very happy for the good cooperation we have with Mediamax. I especially appreciate their dedicated Capitalmarket.am website, which is a convenient news source also for international investors interested in the Armenian market. With the continued efforts to develop the capital market in Armenia, by NASDAQ OMX and many others, I expect to continue to see good news on this site in the months and years to come.

NASDAQ OMX Armenia is pleased to have this chance to congratulate Mediamax on completing the first 10 years successfully, and to wish all the staff even more satisfying and fruitful works in the next decade.

Sergey Usnunts, Marketing Director of Telcell payment system:

Mediamax is one of the best players in information field of Armenia and is a reliable partner it is a pleasure to work with. The unified information space provided by internet connects to each other companies from various spheres of activity and helps making correct decisions. Mediamax is the indisputable leader in Armenia as to the number of elaborated and launched internet projects, each of which has managed to occupy its deserved place.

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