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Special issue of “Hay Superstar” TV Show

On March 28, 2010, world famous rock musician, lead singer of “Deep Purple” band Ian Gillan became the special guest of “Hay Superstar” TV show on “Shant” TV Channel.

The idea of the project belonged to Mediamax, which was the co-producer of the special issue of “Hay Superstar”.

During the show on March 28, which was broadcasted live, the best participants of the fourth season of “Hay Superstar” performed Deep Purple hits and Ian Gillan commented on their performances. Moreover, Ian Gillan performed “Smoke on the Water” together with the show participants.

During the special issue of “Hay Superstar”, Ian Gillan presented a set of musical instruments as a gift to N6 Gyumri music school.

The joint project of Mediamax and “Shant” was a great success among the TV audience.

According to the data of Telemediacontrol Company, the rating of Sunday show “Ian Gillan a special guest of Hay Superstar” made 10.41%, the share made 29.23%. The joint show of Mediamax and “Shant” became the music television program with the highest rating in Armenia for March 27-28 weekend of 2010.

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