Ruben Vardanyan renounces Russian citizenship, moves to Artsakh -


Ruben Vardanyan renounces Russian citizenship, moves to Artsakh


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Social entrepreneur and public figure Ruben Vardanyan announced today that he “made a difficult decision to move to Artsakh.”

“Today many people of Artsakh are in a very bad emotional and psychological condition. Unfortunately, the events of the last two years have led to the fact that many in Artsakh feel themselves abandoned and that no one needs them. This is unacceptable. After the 2020 war, we, the Armenians of the whole world, must stay with the people of Artsakh,” Vardanyan said in a video message.




“Our neighbors use aggressive rhetoric a lot and rather often. I want to tell you – don’t do this. The harder you compress the spring, the stronger the boomerang effect will be. We have to go through the difficult path of gradually reducing the degree of hatred,” the public figure said.


“I am grateful to Russia - it was there where I developed as a person, a businessman and a professional. Realizing the risks I take, I made a decision to renounce Russian citizenship and move to Artsakh as a citizen of Armenia. This was a very difficult decision for me, but it is the right thing,” Ruben Vardanyan said.


Addressing his compatriots, he said “today we are experiencing an existential Sardarapat and if all caring people do not help each other, we will lose our future.”


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