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“Armenia has no moral grounds to doubt Azerbaijan’s sincerity”

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Azerbaijani Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Aykhan Hajizada commented on the statement of the Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry issued on June 19.


“It is outrageous that Armenia, which does not recognize any borders, presents military positions, where Azerbaijani soldiers were deployed after 30 years, as territories of villages belonging to Armenia and accuses Azerbaijan of occupation,” the Azerbaijani diplomat said.


“The main condition for signing a real and durable peace treaty between Azerbaijan and Armenia is the cessation of the continuous territorial claims against Azerbaijan, enshrined in numerous legal and political documents of this country, led by the Constitution, which directly refers to Armenia’s Act of Independence calling for the ‘unification of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh’,” Aykhan Hajizada said.


“Armenia has no moral grounds to doubt the sincerity of the Azerbaijani side in the peace process. We reiterate that Armenia’s insidious policy aimed at creating new tensions in the region, obstructing peace and stability will not bring results. Instead of provocations and political manipulations against Azerbaijan, the Armenian side should not in words but in deeds comply with international obligations and contribute to the peace process,” the spokesperson for the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said.


Armenia’s Foreign Ministry stated today that “the reaction to the Armenia-France military-technical cooperation by official Baku causes confusion.”


Azerbaijan’s practice of predicting regional escalations at every opportunity is alarming and comes to prove the analyses made by a number of centers that Azerbaijan will do everything to disrupt the process of concluding a peace agreement with Armenia in order to launch a new aggression against the Republic of Armenia after the COP29 summit in Baku in November 2024. We draw the attention of the international community to this, as well as to the fact that official Yerevan’s proposal to conclude a peace agreement within one month remained without response by official Baku,” the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry read.


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