Pashinyan: Important cornerstone laid for the strengthening of our sovereignty -


Pashinyan: Important cornerstone laid for the strengthening of our sovereignty


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said today that he considers the demarcation process a great success.

“A very important cornerstone was laid yesterday for the further development and strengthening of our sovereignty and independence.


“For the first time since independence, our republic has an officially delimited border, which will significantly increase the level of security and stability not only in the area of the mentioned villages, but also along the entire border of Armenia and Azerbaijan.


The demarcation took place based on the maps of 1976, which went through the duty process in 1979,” Pashinyan said at the cabinet meeting.


He noted that “it was fundamental that not a new border is being created between Armenia and Azerbaijan, but we are reproducing the borders based on Alma Ata Declaration.”


“We have adopted a very important principle: the border passes where it passes. If we were to follow the logic that, deviating from the principle, a new border line should be created, it means that we are creating a permanent source of escalation and military conflicts. By fixing this principle, if we have not removed the escalation context, at least we have significantly reduced it.”


He also presented details of the actual demarcation process, noting that there was no problem in Berkaber:


“Problems could have emerged in sections of Baghanis-Voskepar villages, but in practice it turned out that there were no problems. In Voskepar, we did not have any problems regarding Virgin Mary Church, because, if I am not mistaken, there is quite a large distance between the church and the border line.


There may be certain problems in the Kirants section, because we have adopted the principle that the border passes where it passes. In sections where the parties would consider the need of compromises, the countries will discuss according to their legislations.”


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