Vardanyan: “This is a political blockade” -


Vardanyan: “This is a political blockade”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Artsakh State Minister Ruben Vardanyan said today that "this is a political blockade, not just a blockade of a road.”

“Azerbaijan’s goal is to destroy the subjectivity of Artsakh. The fight is for subjectivity,” Ruben Vardanyan said during the consultation.


He said although the Azerbaijani side is trying to show the world in every possible way that there is no blockade, the incident with the children transported from Goris to Stepanakert, accompanied by Russian peacekeeping troops, proves the opposite.


“An unacceptable incident took place: the Azerbaijanis allowed themselves to get on the car transporting the children, take videos: this is an obvious encroachment that was a great stress for the children,” Artsakh state minister said.


“Our goal is to have an independent Artsakh, which should be safe and developed. It is a very important goal, which is very difficult to achieve. The only way to succeed is for us to be united. Now we are at such a point that we have no right to fail,” Ruben Vardanyan stressed.


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