Azerbaijani MFA threatens Borrell with “adequate response” -


Azerbaijani MFA threatens Borrell with “adequate response”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said that the statements of the EU’s chief diplomat Josep Borrell “deliberately distort the realities in the region, are completely inadequate and unacceptable.”


“Against the backdrop of the European Union’s indifference to Armenia’s nearly 30-year military aggression, the threats against Azerbaijan are clear example of this structure’s biased policy and double standards,” the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry said in a statement.


“The accusations made by the EU representative pose a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Azerbaijan,” the Azerbaijani ministry added.


Baku said that “while the EU member states suffer from trends of aggressive separatism, attempts of the EU foreign department to incite separatism in our country are a source of serious concern.”


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“The EU’s efforts to arm Armenia and thus support militarization that hinders peace and stability in the region encourage a policy leading to new conflicts in the region, and the EU bears responsibility for this. We remind once again that speaking with Azerbaijan in a language of threats is unacceptable, and any unfriendly actions will not lead to a positive result, but will receive an adequate response,” the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry’s statement read.


Following the session of the Foreign Affairs Council, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, in particular, said:


“The Council discussed how to strengthen cooperation with Armenia and support its democratically elected authorities, its resilience, its security and the continuation of reforms in the country. We decided to beef up our mission in Armenia with more servants and more patrols in the sensitive areas of the border. And we will explore a possible support to Armenia under European Peace Facility and an option for visa liberalization for Armenia.”


Borrell also said that the EU has to be “very much vigilant for any attempt of destabilization of Armenia internally and externally.”

“Our message to Azerbaijan has been clear: any violation of Armenian territorial integrity would be unacceptable and would have severe consequences for the quality of our relations,” the EU foreign policy chief stressed.


Borrell called for the resumption of negotiations between Armenia and Azerbaijan based on the work done by the president of the EU Council Charles Michel.


“We need a peace treaty to be concluded, and we are committed to continue our mediation role,” Borrel said, adding that the EU Foreign Ministers had decided to invite Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan to join them on the margins of the next or one of the upcoming Foreign Affairs Council meetings.


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