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Putin: Recent incident has nothing to do with Karabakh

Photo: kremlin.ru

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow has enough resources to normalize the situation between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Here is question and Putin’s answer at the news conference following the SCO summit in Samarkand:


- In your opinion, are other countries currently making attempts to somehow influence the situation in Karabakh while Moscow is engaged in the special operation in Ukraine? And does Russia have enough resources now to continue influencing its colleagues to maintain peace?


- As you can see, it has enough. The latest border incident has nothing to do with Karabakh at all. It is in a completely different region, on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Indeed, we are sorry for that and, of course, for the victims, but among other things, and first of all, with the influence of Russia, this conflict has been localized. I hope it will continue to be so. There are still enough resources, thank God.


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