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“Moscow awaits reply from Armenia’s MFA”

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Deputy Director of Information and Press Department of Russian Foreign Ministry Ivan Nechaev stated today that “Moscow awaits reply regarding the note of protest sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia”.

“The Russian Embassy in Yerevan made a corresponding statement. Today Russian Charge d'Affaires had a constructive conversation with the Armenian Foreign Ministry leadership. We are waiting for a response,” Nechaev said during a briefing in Moscow.


On August 17 Russian Embassy in Armenia stated that it sent a note of protest to the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing its indignation regarding the accusations against the Russian structures of the tragedy that happened at Surmalu trade center in Yerevan.


“We are outraged by the cynical information circulating in the local media, containing blasphemous and false accusations against Russian structures of their involvement in the tragedy that took place on the territory of Surmalu trade center on August 14.


We consider this as a direct provocation by the political forces behind such hints. The purpose of all this is to undermine Russian-Armenian allied relations. We expect the Armenian authorities to take steps to suppress such unfriendly manifestations, including the necessary public comments,” the Russian Embassy said in a statement.


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