Armenian MFA: Aliyev undermines implementation of ceasefire statement -


Armenian MFA: Aliyev undermines implementation of ceasefire statement

Photo: Press service of Armenian Foreign Ministry

Yerevan /Mediamax/. "By calling Zangezur an "Azerbaijani historical land” and making reference to an imaginary corridor, the President of Azerbaijan deliberately undermines the implementation of the November 9 and January 11 trilateral statements,” Armenian MFA Spokesperson Anna Naghdalyan said today.

Speaking at the conference of Economic Cooperation Organizations, Aliyev said that “the new transport corridor will pass through the historical territories of Azerbaijan, Zangezur, connecting the main part of Azerbaijan with its integral part, Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, and Turkey”.


“Such rhetoric contradicts Azerbaijan's obligations; it is a blatant challenge to international law, it in no way contributes to the stability of the region and threatens all states in the region,” commented Anna Naghdalyan.


“I stress once again that the Article 9 of the November 9 trilateral statement does not mention the establishment of a corridor,” she added.


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