Global instability projected onto Eurasia, Putin says -


Global instability projected onto Eurasia, Putin says


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that the actions of “some states” are aimed at disrupting trade, cooperation, and cultural ties between CIS countries.

“We see that the international situation remains extremely complicated and tense. Long-standing and new hotbeds of conflict have escalated in a number of regions, in particular in the Middle East, where a new round of Palestinian-Israeli confrontation has been provoked, making civilians suffer.


Global instability is projected onto Eurasia as well. Moreover, the actions of some states are directly aimed at undermining legitimate authority, social stability and traditional values in the CIS countries, at disrupting our traditionally close trade, cooperation and cultural ties,” Putin said in a video message to participants of the meeting of the CIS Security Council secretaries in Moscow.


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