Jean-Michel Jarre to open the STARMUS VII festival with "Bridge from the Future" -


Jean-Michel Jarre to open the STARMUS VII festival with "Bridge from the Future"


Electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre will mark the opening STARMUS VII festival in Bratislava on May 12 with an exclusive live performance "Bridge from the Future".

Joined by special guest Brian May, legendary guitarist of Queen and STARMUS co-founder, Jarre will captivate audiences with an unforgettable show set against the breathtaking backdrop of the SNP Bridge over the Danube River.


“This monumental event, presented in partnership with a global leader in digital security ESET, promises to be a spectacle of cosmic proportions, showcasing the power of music to transcend boundaries and ignite imagination”, STARMUS press release reads.


“Its been 16 years since Brian and I met Jean-Michel in London and proposed him a collaboration. We knew that Jean-Michel’s concert involves an ambitious production and never had an opportunity for this. It seems to me that we have been waiting for the Starmus Earth to make it happen.This is the first time STARMUS puts the spotlight on our planet and we want the general public to be more receptive than ever to the big questions of our time, of our planet.


There is no doubt that kicking off this special edition with a performance as spectacular as "Bridge from the Future" will achieve that goal. Jean-Michel Jarre has always brought us music from the future to make us vibrate with the present, and that is the spirit of STARMUS”, STARMUS co-founder Garik Israelian said.


Jean-Michel Jarre said: "As we continue to learn from the past, we should today listen to the future, being receptive and attentive to the incoming signals. Breakthroughs, discoveries, and solutions, in all fields exist already there ahead, in the future, waiting for us to find them. It is our vocation as artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, and citizens, to engage and activate progress, in creating a bridge from the future: this is the spirit of STARMUS.”


“We’re thrilled that STARMUS VII will kick off with such a unique and spectacular show. And in this concert, Jean-Michel Jarre will set the tone for the spirit of this conference, specifically aimed towards addressing our planet's current problems”, Brian May commented.


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