Jon Dee: We must stand up for Armenia -


Jon Dee: We must stand up for Armenia


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The initiator of Rock Aid Armenia campaign Jon Dee stated that "The world must not stand by in silence. The last time we did that with Armenia, Turkey inflicted genocide on massive numbers of innocent Armenians.”

Jon Dee made a statement in connection with Azerbaijan’s aggression against Armenia.


“Armenia is a peaceful country that deserves the same western support that Ukraine is getting.

Armenians need to know that there are many of us outside Armenia who love your country and its people. We must stand up for Armenia in its hour of need,” Jon Dee stated.


“We should never forget the past and what was inflicted on Armenia by people who wish the worst on Armenians. We cannot let that happen again. Azerbaijan should be made an international pariah for what it is currently doing to Armenians on their own soil. If Azerbaijan does not pull back, European countries should refuse to trade with Azerbaijan or buy its gas,” the initiator of Rock Aid Armenia stressed.


Dee also commented on the message of Queen guitarist Brian May:


“Back in 1989, Brian spent a lot of his time helping us with our Rock Aid Armenia version of ‘Smoke on the Water’ to help the victims of the Armenian earthquake. Having just visited Armenia, Brian has now written a truly heartfelt appeal for Armenia as it finds itself being illegally attacked by Azerbaijan.”



“During the 1988 earthquake, Russia had to admit that it could not provide the assistance that Armenia needed. Back then Russia did the right thing and asked the world to come in and help Armenia. If Russia cannot properly help Armenia now in its hour of need, it should let western countries provide military weapons and drones so that Armenia can properly defend itself against this ruthless and illegal aggression,” Dee concluded.


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