Next STARMUS to focus on Planet Earth -


Next STARMUS to focus on Planet Earth

Yerevan /Mediamax/. STARMUS, the global festival of science communication, will held its VII festival in Bratislava in 2024 and “will turn its gaze from the stars to the future of planet Earth”.

Today, at a panel event at London’s Royal Society Queen guitarist Brian May and astrophysicist Garik Israelian – the co-founders of STARMUS – announced that the 2024 festival’s theme is “STARMUS Earth: the future of our home planet.”



“STARMUS has traditionally focused on interrogating the mysteries of the universe, looking upwards to inspire and educate the next generation of explorers and regenerate the spirit of discovery, bringing art, music, and the world’s greatest scientific and artistic minds together to enhance science communication,” Garik Israelian said at the event.


In 2024, STARMUS will turn its gaze closer to home and analyze how we can tackle the challenges that most threaten Earth’s future, from the threats facing our environment and climate to far-reaching technologies like artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and cybersecurity – as well as the humanitarian crises caused by armed conflict around the world.


“Since 2011, STARMUS conferences have assembled scientists and artists to look outwards at the Space around us with clear eyes, to celebrate the wonders of the Universe.  This year, more than ever aware of the current threat of the extinction of life in the Biosphere, for the first time, STARMUS focuses inward on our home planet.  By bringing together many of the greatest and most free-thinking brains from all countries, we will try to find new answers to the questions we must now ask, to save the life of Planet Earth,” Brian May said.


This year, STARMUS is partnering with ESET – a global cybersecurity company headquartered in Bratislava – to inspire young people in Slovakia and around the world to take responsibility and contribute to the future of our planet, using scientific research and state-of-the art technology.


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