Baku rabbi urges Jews to leave Armenia and move to Azerbaijan -


Baku rabbi urges Jews to leave Armenia and move to Azerbaijan


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Baku rabbi Zamir Isayev called on Jews living in Armenia to leave the country.

Trend reports that in a video message on Facebook Zamir Isayev, in particular, said:


“They are threatened following the initiative of the rabbis of Europe, America, Israel and Muslim countries, who spoke against the use of the Holocaust topic by Armenian propaganda. I was asked to cease the protest of rabbis worldwide following my video message. I can’t do this. I appeal to those Jews still living in Armenia to leave this country. After all, you cannot live in a country where you are threatened just because other Jews in other countries have a different opinion. If they think in Armenia that you are responsible for my words, if you have to answer for my words, leave this country! If you are forced to speak out for using the memory of the Holocaust for nefarious political purposes, get out of there,” he said.


“Come to Azerbaijan, where Jews are treated as brothers! Those who want to, can contact me via Facebook, and I publicly pledge that you will be welcomed here, welcomed warmly, granted Azerbaijani citizenship, and, of course, your safety will be ensured,” Zamir Isayev said.


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