Pashinyan: “Corridor” wording “red line” for us -


Pashinyan: “Corridor” wording “red line” for us

Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, in an interview with Al Jazeera, said that Armenia contacts with Azerbaijan on different platforms and added that a delimitation commission has recently been set up between the parties.

He said that one meeting has already taken place, and there is already an agreement to hold the next one in Moscow and the third in Brussels.


“We hope that with the support of our international partners we will succeed in delimitation of our borders. In fact, the delimitation commission has nothing to do with the Nagorno Karabakh issue, because we have different platforms of communication with Azerbaijan, one of which relates to delimitation. It is also very important to mention the issue of border security, which is also under the mandate of this commission, because we must maintain stability and security along the entire border,” Pashinyan said.


He noted that the second dimension is the normalization of relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. There is another dimension, which is about the opening of regional, transport and economic communications, but the most urgent issue between Armenia and Azerbaijan and for the peace in the region is the issue of Nagorno Karabakh.


In response to the question about Armenia’s approach and position towards the corridor, which is supposed to connect Azerbaijan and Turkey, Nikol Pashinyan said that the so-called “corridor” wording is unacceptable.


“It is a red line for us, because, according to the trilateral declaration, in our region we have one corridor. It is the Lachin corridor that connects Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia. But we have another provision in our trilateral statement, which is about opening communications. I mean railways, roads, and we are already discussing the issue of opening regional communications on the principle of mutual respect for sovereignty and inviolability of borders,” the Armenian prime minister said.


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