Expert: Sales of Russian tanks to Baku will not upset military balance yet -


Expert: Sales of Russian tanks to Baku will not upset military balance yet


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The sales of Russian T-90S tanks to Azerbaijan will yet not upset the military balance in the region.


Military expert Hrachya Petrosyants told Mediamax correspondent.


“The delivery of 100 tanks to Azerbaijan will not have any significant impact on the military balance. But we’re concerned about the fact that Azerbaijan keeps on purchasing attacking vehicles. Over the past three years, Azerbaijan has increased its military purchases, particularly the purchases of attacking vehicles for 400%. If this tendency continues, then it might pose a threat for us”, noted the expert.


According to Hrachya Petrosyants, the main privilege of the 100 T-90S tanks is they detect and destroy multi-precision laser objects as well as flying projectiles. “Along with a number of advantages, T-90S tanks come with certain disadvantages. They are not invulnerable tanks. Besides, they have yet not been tested in war actions”, highlighted the expert.


The expert said Armenia does not purchase T-90S tanks considering their high market prices and the limited opportunities to use them in the region. Armenia prefers T-72 tanks, which have already managed to demonstrate their privileges in various military actions.


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