Pashinyan: “Historical and real Armenia are incompatible” -


Pashinyan: “Historical and real Armenia are incompatible”

Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said today that “historical and real Armenia are not only incompatible, but also create serious threats to each other.”

“The demarcation process between real Armenia and historical Armenia is much more painful, as this demarcation takes place within each of us.


The internationally recognized border of real Armenia is a similarly limiting factor for the appetite of aspiring countries. Historical Armenia is a guarantee that those countries will have a reason and explanation for conducting an aggressive policy against us.


Our vision of historical Armenia will always lead us to the trap of genocide, in which we will need a savior and sponsor, without whom we cannot exist, and the fear of genocide will always keep us in the status of an outpost,” Nikol Pashinyan said at the parliament, presenting the government’s 2023 performance.


He reaffirmed that he is not against “starting the border demarcation process with Azerbaijan from the four villages of Armenia’s Tavush region and Kazakh region of Azerbaijan.”


“A question is often raised whether the demarcation of these areas and the implementation of its results guarantee security. It does not guarantee security, but the refusal to address the issue guarantees a continuous increase in security risks, and this negative guarantee must be neutralized.


The next question is: does this work style guarantee no new attacks on the territory of Armenia? It does not guarantee, but the opposite work style guarantees a new attack on the sovereign territory of Armenia, and this negative guarantee must be neutralized.


The third question is whether the demarcation in the specified part of the Tavush border and the implementation of its results guarantee that Azerbaijan will keep the logic of continuing the demarcation and return the vital areas of more than three dozen of our villages. It does not guarantee, but refusing to demarcate the border in the mentioned area guarantees that Azerbaijan will not return the areas of vital importance to our villages and this negative guarantee must be neutralized,” he stated.


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