Tonoyan suggests Pashinyan not to forget about the “boomerang effect” -


Tonoyan suggests Pashinyan not to forget about the “boomerang effect”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Former Minister of Defense of Armenia Davit Tonoyan said that “I qualify all the statements by Prime Minister made regarding the criminal proceedings of high-ranking and senior officers during the preliminary investigation and trial stages as directing politically and attempting to influence the bodies carrying out the criminal proceedings.”

“I have also noticed that when recalling me and the militaries, who fought selflessly and assumed great responsibility, he really get very nervous. The one who threatened to persecute “until the end of his life” should know well that he has given and continues to give many occasions to receive such treatment. And one should not forget about the “boomerang effect,” he said in an interview to


In response to the questions about the peace agreement and Russian peacekeepers, Davit Tonoyan said:


“I cannot make predictions about the peace agreement and the mission of the Russian peacekeepers, because like the people, I have no information with what logic the negotiations proceed.


At the moment, the 2020 November statement is in force, it registers the presence of peacekeepers in Artsakh for at least 3 years. I have no grounds to think that after three years the “peace agreement” will guarantee the security of the people of Artsakh. Therefore, the main imperative was and remains the increase of the efficiency of the guarantors of the security of the Armenian people – the Armed Forces of Armenia and the Artsakh Defense Army.”


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