Armenia faction expects Iran’s “active involvement” -


Armenia faction expects Iran’s “active involvement”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian National Assembly’s Armenia opposition faction expects “the active involvement of the friendly countries, especially Iran in restraining Azerbaijan’s aggression.”

The opposition faction said in the statement:


“We assess the actions of Azerbaijan as a gross violation of international law and condemn the crimes they are committing. Taking advantage of the tense international situation, Azerbaijan is trying to encroach on the sovereign territory of Armenia by the use of force.


The current developments reveal the true face of the so-called era of peace and the danger of the false agenda served to the Armenian people.


We expect our strategic ally, the Russian Federation, to take actions envisaged by the Armenian-Russian military-political agreements.


We call on the international community – the UN, the OSCE, the CSTO, the co-chairing states involved in the Karabakh conflict negotiation process – the Russian Federation, France, and the United States – to take immediate steps to prevent Azerbaijan’s criminal actions and give an adequate assessment to them.


We also expect the active involvement of our friendly countries, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran, in assessing the criminal behavior of Azerbaijan and restraining Azerbaijan’s aggression.


We express our support to the Armed Forces of Armenia and call on our people not to panic, to remain vigilant and to be ready to defend Armenian statehood.”


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