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Davit Tonoyan remains in custody without any legal grounds

Photo: Press service of Armenian Defense Ministry (archive photo)

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Davit Tonoyan’s defense team announced today that the former minister of defense of Armenia remains in custody without any legal grounds.

The statement runs as follows:


“For more than a week, from 09.08.2022 until now, no court hearing has been appointed on the criminal case regarding the former Minister of Defense of Armenia Davit Tonoyan. Moreover, it is unknown when the next court hearing will be scheduled and by who.


As a result of confusion related to the formation of the artificial Anti-Corruption Court, given that the trial phase of the criminal case has not launched since January 2022 until now, judge Manvel Shahverdyan refrains from appointing a court hearing, as according to the new RA Criminal Procedure Code and amendments to the RA Judicial Code, he is no longer authorized to examine this criminal case. However, the case is neither sent to the newly established Anti-Corruption Court, as a result of which Davit Tonoyan continues to remain in custody without any legal grounds.


In the conditions of this atmosphere of legal imperfection and permissiveness, it is expected that for a month or maybe even more, grossly violating the most important principle of criminal proceedings – investigation of the case within a reasonable period of time – Davit Tonoyan will continue to remain in prison, which will complete the series of gross violations of the latter’s right to personal freedom and immunity.”


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