Lavrov: We cannot help but worry about recent events in Armenia

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has commented on recent events in Armenia.

“When Armenia was going through a political crisis in May, we were happy to note that the solution was eventually found on the basis of a compromise between all leading parties. We hoped that all political forces, the new authorities first, will keep promoting unifying approaches and strengthening the national consolidation,” reads Lavrov’s response to the question from the press, published on Russian Foreign Ministry website.

“However, the events of these days clearly disrupt that positive spirit and go against recent statements of new Armenian authorities, in which they claimed they had no intention to conduct politically motivated persecution of their predecessors.

As an ally, Russia has always been concerned with the stability of Armenian state. That is why we cannot help by worry about current events there, also from the point of undisturbed operation of the organizations in CIS area, in which Armenia holds membership. We have addressed our concerns to the Armenian authorities for several times in recent days. We expect the situation to take a constructive course after all,” said Lavrov.


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