Armenia’s Prime Minister remains silent on the main topic of 2018

Karen Karapetyan
Karen Karapetyan

Photo: Armenian Goverment

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan has chosen not to answer the question about who will head the government after April 9, 2018.

Today the press service of the government has shared Prime Minister’s interview to economic observer Babken Tunyan. An excerpt from the interview reads:

- Mr Prime Minister, the structure of our society is based on a few individuals and the individual has a big influence. However, there are just a few months until April and it is still unclear who will be the Prime Minister and who will take the President’s position…

- I have said at the press conference that I am not going to answer that question. I will have to repeat myself and then we stop talking about this. The more society depends on a few individuals, the more risks it faces. We are trying to change the structure. We already stated very clearly that the ruling party and its coalition will decide who takes which position on April 9.

Obviously, individuals always have a role. However, the more you minimize the role of the individual and enable the system to enhance people’s good abilities and on the other hand to amortize or restrict them (if an unfit person somehow becomes head of the state), the more predictable and prospective that system becomes.


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