Armenian President: “Authorities and the opposition are not enemies”

Serzh Sargsian's speech at PACE session
Serzh Sargsian's speech at PACE session

Photo: Press office of President of RA

Yerevan, June 22. /Mediamax/. Armenian President Serzh Sargsian said today that Armenia learns many things from Europe, in particular, that "authorities and the opposition are not enemies”.

Mediamax reports that Armenian President said this, speaking at PACE session in Strasburg today.

The President said that Armenian authorities attach great importance to conducting free and fair parliamentary elections in 2012. He said that in the process of the recent changes in the Electoral Code of the country, all reports of previous international observation missions were analyzed, and expressed hope that this fact will allow conducting elections, the results of which will not cause doubt in the society.

Speaking of the Council of Europe’s role, Serzh Sargsian said that sometimes people in Armenia joke, saying that there are three parties in the political life of the country: authorities, opposition and the Council of Europe.

The President said that “over the past two decades, large-scale democracy building has been carried out in Armenia”. He noted that deviation from the democratic path never was an issue in Armenia, irrespective of all difficulties.

Serzh Sargsian said that the authorities are full of determination to continue reforms, which are necessary for enhancing democracy in Armenia.

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