Naira Zohrabyan: I announce PAP opposition -


Naira Zohrabyan: I announce PAP opposition

Naira Zohrabyan
Naira Zohrabyan

Photo: PAN Photo

Yerevan /Mediamax/. New President of Prosperous Armenia Party Naira Zohrabyan announced PAP opposition today.

She said this during her speech at the PAP special session.


“I’ll announce the same (PAP being opposition - edit.) at the upcoming parliamentary session.  Naturally, we need time to work out our strategy and further steps. We are now faced with a stage of serious discussions and analysis to elaborate a clear and perceptible strategy for the opposition. We will do it together as we are responsible for the people. There is no other way”, said Naira Zohrabyan.


Touching upon the negative public opinion to the party held by a part of society after the recent developments, Naira Zohrabyan said that “indeed, there is disappointment in the PAP”.


“On everyone’s behalf, I apologize to our compatriots whose hopes we failed to justify. And today I don’t want to speak about the reasons for what happened and about our and others’ mistakes. We need time to analyze what happened and it will be done by all means to make right conclusions for our further steps and actions”, she said.


According to Zohrabyan, now it’s time to discuss and analyze the events rationally and without excessive emotions.


“We should understand that the state’s and people’s issues weren’t addressed after this inner political crisis. Actually, they weren’t even moderated. And if our task is to really stand by the people and fight for the people’s rights, we should seriously work at this. Our fight has never been for the sake of posts and powers and I think the public is well aware of it”, she said.


Touching upon the holding of post of the head of the party, Naira Zohrabyan said that “it will be quite hard” for her.


“I’m ready for work. I am for teamwork, I support discussions and debates within the party. But I want to be absolutely honest with you. If at some point I see that my work is not effective, if my and my colleagues’ visions on future and plans don’t coincide, I will step down as PAP President with dignity. I won’t take a step which will discredit the party and disappoint the people. You can be sure of it”, she said.


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