Newspaper editors offer to solve the issue of the disputable law clause through self-regulation of media

Bagrat Yesayan, Aram Abrahamyan and Arman Babajanyan
Bagrat Yesayan, Aram Abrahamyan and Arman Babajanyan

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Yerevan/Mediamax/. Chief Editors of "Aravot”, "Yerkir” and "Zhamanak” Aram Abrahamyan, Bagrat Yesayan and Arman Babajanyan called upon the MPs today to revise the legislative changes on decriminalizing offense and libel.

Aram Abrahamyan stated during his meeting with journalists today that “decriminalization of offense and libel is mainly relevant but it happened hastily which allowed the authorities to avenge media for any criticism”, Mediamax reports.

“AMD 1-2mln of penalties is rather a large sum for newspapers. The penalty amount should be considerably reduced and the concepts of “offense” and “libel” should be specified in the clause”, said Aram Abrahamyan.

In his turn, Arman Babajanyan noted that “a campaign” was obviously launched against the newspapers but they believe that the statements made by several newspapers’ chief editors on revising the legislative changes submitted to the Constitutional Court will be adopted.

Editor-in-Chief of “Yerkir” Bagrat Yesayan thinks that all the media outlets should unite to resolve the issue, work out and adopt mechanisms of self-regulation and general rules of conduct that will not restrict the freedom of expression.

Mediamax recalls that on October 19, chief editors of “Aravot”, “Yerkir”, “Zhamanak”, “Zhoghovurd”, “Haykakan Zhamanak”, “Hraparak”, “168 Zham” and “Chorrord Inknishkhanutyun” newspapers signed a joint statement reading that they consider the norms set by Armenia’s Civil Code N1087.1 clause and their court application unconstitutional which “are aimed at depriving Armenian citizens of alternative media”.


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