Zakharova: West prevents Yerevan from finalizing trilateral agreements -


Zakharova: West prevents Yerevan from finalizing trilateral agreements


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated that “we came close several times to adopting a package of mutually beneficial solutions that would enable Armenia and Azerbaijan to use each other’s road infrastructure.”

“But this chance has been repeatedly missed. Once again - this year, when, following the results of the trilateral summit on May 25 in Moscow, the trilateral working group was tasked to finalize the work on agreeing on the technical issues of unblocking. A week later, at the 12th meeting of the trilateral working group, significant progress was recorded, in particular, a common understanding was reached on the restoration and organization of railway communication between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


But again, something prevented the Armenian leadership from finalizing the agreements “on paper”. And we know very well what it is - the “good” advice of western friends of the current leadership of Armenia. These “friends”, instead of promoting the implementation of trilateral agreements and reconciliation between Baku and Yerevan, are torpedoing all the positive things that have been achieved, as well as Russian efforts.


They are trying to impose their own recipes for Armenian-Azerbaijani normalization and promote pseudo-normalization instead of normalization. This is what we exactly saw at the meeting under the auspices of the EU in Granada on October 5, where the statement on regional affairs was adopted in the absence of Azerbaijan. This is about the methodology of work,” Maria Zakharova noted, speaking at a briefing in Moscow on November 15.


“Armenia, acting on a tip from the US and EU outside the trilateral arrangements, runs a high risk of being cut off from the future configuration of regional communications,” she added.


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