Armenian FM: “Deployment of EU’s mission is about human security” -


Armenian FM: “Deployment of EU’s mission is about human security”

Photo: Press service of Armenian Foreign Ministry

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan said that the purpose of deployment of EU’s long-term monitoring mission in Armenia is people’s security.

“This mission is about human security - people living in the bordering regions, children going to schools, farmers carrying out their agricultural duties, and families that want to live in their houses without fear of being targeted. Concrete people, concrete schools, concrete houses,” Mirzoyan said in his remarks at the discussion held by Committee on Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament.


“The EU remains Armenia’s primary partner in promoting the institution-building and supporting our reform agenda based on our shared values, and secondly, despite all the challenges, we continue to expand the scope of our partnership based on the EU's commitment to contribute to the stability in our region. We do believe that our security architecture cannot be comprehensive without respect for human rights and democracy,” Ararat Mirzoyan said.


Speaking about the negotiations with Azerbaijan over the text of the peace treaty, the minister said that Azerbaijan has rejected the vast majority of fundamental suggestions proposed by the Armenian side.


“Among the suggestions are clarification of parameters for the delimitation of the state border, as we think that without clearly agreed parameters on the delimitation of the international borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, real peace is impossible. Next is the distancing of forces from the state border and the creation of a demilitarized zone for preventing any possible future escalation as well as confidence-building measures and security mechanism, Institute of Guarantor(s) of the Peace treaty, which will ensure the implementation of the obligations,” Ararat Mirzoyan detailed.


“Azerbaijan expects Armenia to only accept all its demands, and when not getting it, Azerbaijan uses all possible instruments of pressure: from keeping Armenian POWs as hostages to the state-sponsored spread of hate speech against Armenians, from warmongering rhetoric to concrete use of force,” Armenia’s foreign minister said.


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