Azerbaijani parliament condemns European Parliament’s resolution -


Azerbaijani parliament condemns European Parliament’s resolution


Yerevan /Mediamax/. The Azerbaijani parliament adopted a statement condemning the resolution of the European Parliament on the situation in Karabakh and around the Lachin corridor.

“We express our protest against the biased and unfair resolution adopted by the European Parliament on January 19, and strongly reject the groundless accusations based on lies and fabricated information,” the statement runs.


TASS reports that Azerbaijani deputies described the European Parliament’s resolution as “biased and unfair” and its authors – “incapable to step away from the policy of double standards.”


“There can be no question of a blockade of more than 20,000 citizens of Armenian nationals living in Karabakh. The Lachin corridor is open for the transportation of humanitarian goods by Russian peacekeepers, representatives of the Red Cross, as well as for the transportation of Armenians living in Karabakh, including children and the sick. As for the claims that Azerbaijan allegedly violated natural gas supply to the territory of Karabakh, they are as ridiculous as they are unfounded. All this clearly indicates that some groups in the European Parliament are acting under the influence of the Armenian lobby and pro-Armenian forces,” the statement says.


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