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Putin: It is premature to speak about the components of peace treaty

Photo: kremlin.ru

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian President Vladimir Putin called “not to focus” on non-agreed issues that were not included in the trilateral statement adopted in Sochi on October 31.


“Can we talk about them? Yes, we can, but there is no need to. If they have not been settled yet, we should not draw the attention of the media and the public to them, but we should look for a peace agreement behind closed doors,” TASS quotes the Russian president as saying.


“These are very delicate topics, sensitive for both sides, and I will not reserve the right to make them public without the consent of my partners,” Putin noted.


He considered it premature to talk about the main components of the future peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan, “because it is a subject of compromises, which should be reached, including with the mediation of our country, if both negotiating parties wish.”


Speaking about the demarcation and delimitation of the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Russian president said:


“Today we really talked a lot about it, and if you read the trilateral statement carefully, you will find there prerequisites that agreements can be reached.”


Commenting on the prospect of extending the mandate of Russian peacekeepers, Putin noted that it depends on other issues, such as the signing of a possible peace treaty and the demarcation and delimitation of the border.


“If these issues are resolved, the issue of peacekeepers will be put differently. If they are not resolved or are resolved to a certain extent, the fate of our peacekeeping contingent will depend on it,” the Russian president said.


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