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Сooperation between Armenia and Russia isn’t easy, expert believes

Russian political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov
Russian political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov

Photo: http://russiancouncil.ru

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Russian political scientist Fyodor Lukyanov thinks that the cooperation between Russia and Armenia is not easy for Russia nowadays.

“Allied relations with Armenia became more difficult to arrange after the republic entered into the Eurasian Economic Union. They are indeed difficult, because any alliance is not given but a process. Sides are working on maintaining the balance of interests all the time”, said the Chief Editor of the Russia in Global Affairs Magazine in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.


“Relations between Russia and Azerbaijan are activated. This, of course, irritates Armenia, while Moscow has consistently stressed that they have a completely different type of relations with Baku than with Yerevan. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan’s role is growing objectively, including the situation in the Middle East. The mere fact that cruise missiles against targets in Syria ran from the Caspian Sea, is bringing the South Caucasus back into the orbit of big politics”, said Fyodor Lukyanov .


He stressed that it is important for Russia to support the dialogue between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno Karabakh conflict settlement.


“Honestly speaking, I don’t see a solution to the conflict yet. Only efforts on maintaining the balance of power are visible, in order to understand that the war is not the way to solve the problem. This is the only thing that can be done since I don’t see any political preconditions for the conflict settlement. At the same time, maintaining the dialogue, even if it does not lead to a result, is very important in this case”, he stressed.


“Degradation, termination of the dialogue will lead to inevitable worsening of the situation in the contact line. We see it all the time. Therefore, the efforts that Russia periodically makes for sake of at least conversation between Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan is still very important”, concluded Fyodor Lukyanov.




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