Education Minister explains separate concept for teaching Russian

Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan
Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Minister of Education and Science of Armenia Levon Mkrtchyan said today that the order for development of foreign language education (including Russian) was caused by the registered decline of sciences, particularly the natural sciences.

Minister Mkrtchyan made that statement at the Public Council, during the discussion on Russian language education in educational institutions of Armenia.

“The only official language of Armenia is Armenian, all other languages are foreign and we need to create a concept for teaching them. Subjects taught in Armenian won’t lose because of our efforts in improving efficiency of foreign language education. When we studied the state of higher education last year, we discovered it was mostly humanitarian,” said the minister.

According to him, Armenia needs to increase the demand for natural sciences starting from schools. That leads to the concept of foreign languages, taking into consideration the fact that development of natural sciences is directly linked with foreign languages.

“All international and local experts said the same: if you want to improve the knowledge of foreign languages, you need to make drastic changes in the system. Moreover, we have to provide larger basic education in schools and add technical and professional vocabulary, not just teach students simple communication,” said the minister.

When asked why Russian has separate concept from English, French and German, Minister Mkrtchyan replied:

“The Ministry developed and released the concept for English, French and German, but people paid absolutely no attention. Some time later we presented the concept for Russian, the issue turned political inappropriately and speculations began. The reason for a separate concept is the methodology: higher education institutions teach Romance and Germanic languages, Russian philology, and Oriental Studies in separate faculties. I assure you, the two presented concepts have no other differences.”

Touching on the public’s harsh reaction to the Russian language concept, Minister Mkrtchyan stressed that “Armenian language is one of the most important symbols of Armenian statehood and the people’s harsh reaction shows their readiness to defend the state’s independence.”


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