Aliyev “protects” Hungary from the European Union -


Aliyev “protects” Hungary from the European Union


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated that "the policy of colonialism continues in the European Union today.”

Ilham Aliyev said this June 6 in Baku at a meeting with the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of Turkic States, addressing Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Márta Mátrai.


“I know that you are under great pressure in the European Union. And this is a complete violation of the democratic principles declared in the European space. Have sanctions been imposed against Hungary? Yes. Has Hungary been deprived of its due funds? Yes. Why? Because Hungary is defending traditional values. It protects its population. It protects its youth from harmful influences. It proclaims family values as the highest value. That is why those who oppose these traditional values and lead the world to the abyss impose sanctions against Hungary.


This is mind-boggling. Sanctions are imposed on a NATO member country, a member of the European Union, located in the center of Europe, a country that wants to pursue its own policies. Where is democracy? Does everyone have to be of one mind? Does everyone have to act at the behest of those who sit there in some Western countries? Who gives them that right? Their past does them no honor at all. Their past is stained with blood. Their past is colonialism. Their past is oppression of peoples, illegal occupation. Policies of colonialism continue in the European Union today. But does anyone criticize them? No. That is why Hungary is on the front line of the struggle, and I have repeatedly said to my friend Viktor Orbán that it is even more difficult for you. We are here, we are not Europe, we do not want to join the European family, even if we wanted to, nobody would let us in.  That is why we live here, we do not act at someone else’s behest, we do not let anyone come here and interfere in our affairs. Do not touch me and I will not touch you. If you touch me, then expect a headache as well. But Hungary is there, and I know how hard it is to be put under pressure every day. Hungary will now preside in the European Union. Plans are already being made against Hungary to disrupt and deprive Hungary of this presidency,” Aliyev said.


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