Son of Israeli PM says the Turks “did genocide to Armenians” -


Son of Israeli PM says the Turks “did genocide to Armenians”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Son of the Israeli Prime Minister, Yair Netanyahu is still involved in online "battles” with Turkish users.

“To all the Turkish bots that follow me here - quick history lesson. You are not native to Anatolia, you came from Central Asia and did a genocide to the local Greek Christian population. Istanbul is actually Constantinople and you illegally occupied it.


You also did a genocide to the Armenians. You currently illegally occupy north Cyprus, north Syria, and Kurdistan. Your country is run by a dictator who wants to reoccupy and oppress the Arab world like in the days of the Ottoman Empire,” he said on Twitter.


Israeli government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have not yet recognized the Armenian Genocide.


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