Starmus returns to Spain and presents “Starmus La Palma” -


Starmus returns to Spain and presents “Starmus La Palma”


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Starmus science and music festival announced its next edition to be held on the island of La Palma in April 2025.

After four editions held in Norway, Switzerland, Armenia and Slovakia, Starmus returns to the Canary Islands – in partnership with the Starlight Foundation - as part of the recovery programme for the island of La Palma after the disaster caused by the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano in 2021. The festival will serve as a platform for the international promotion of the island known as the "isla bonita" and its positioning as one of the most privileged territories in the world for stargazing.


The organizers are already working on the programme and further details of the event are expected to be announced in September.


"We are very excited about the return of Starmus to the Canary Islands. This is going to be such a special edition, as returning to the islands after so many years means a lot to us and also to the Canary Islands and La Palma in particular. We are returning “home” because La Palma is the origin of Starmus, it is the place that inspired Brian May and me to create Starmus. In this edition we are going to do something different, something very special, a festival of the stars in every sense of the word. We have less than a year to organize such a special edition but we are going to make Starmus La Palma an historic edition of what is already considered for many the most inspiring festival in the world", said Garik Israelian, co-founder and creative director of the festival.


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