Petros Aloyan Foundation sponsors international conference dedicated to Baltrusaitis -


Petros Aloyan Foundation sponsors international conference dedicated to Baltrusaitis


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Petros Aloyan Foundation sponsored the international conference dedicated to Jurgis Baltrusaitis organized in Vilnius by the Lithuanian Cultural Research Institute.

Scientists from different countries, including Armenia, participated in the event. They discussed Baltrusaitis’ cultural, historical, architectural heritage. The sponsor of the event was Petros Aloyan Foundation.


The name of the famous Lithuanian art historian Jurgis Baltrusaitis has for already 7 years strongly bridged Petros Aloyan Foundation and Lithuania in the fields of education and culture.


“The works left by Jurgis Baltrusaitis on Armenian architecture represent great value and are important in terms of passing on the history of our culture to generations. Therefore, it was important for us to hold this conference,” said Hayk Aloyan, the founder of the Foundation, who was present at the conference.


Petros Aloyan Foundation finances the annual Jurgis Baltrusaitis scholarship for students of the Faculty of Architecture at the Armenia’s National University of Architecture and Construction.


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