Lydian Armenia explains taking activists to court -


Lydian Armenia explains taking activists to court

Armen Stepanyan
Armen Stepanyan

Photo: Lydian Armenia

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Director for Sustainable Development at Lydian Armenia Armen Stepanyan has commented on the media reports that the company has brought an action against several activists.

“I have always stood against responding to any case, even defamation, in court. Lydian and the Amulsar project have been targeted by all kinds of defamatory statements over the years. It concerns all sectors, by the way. Many of those people fed the public false information in environmental, economic, financial, legal and other areas they had nothing to do with professionally. For years, we have been guided by the broad-minded, tolerant approach: activists do not necessarily know scientific facts. They can be unaware and they might express opinions that are false and contrary to reality. I have always preferred to present true facts over and over, with patience, and defy the misinformation some activists spread about Amulsar,” Stepanyan told Mediamax.


“However, our broad-minded approach is not appreciated in Armenian reality. If the company states its position patiently and refrains from going to court or making noise, it does not mean that the aggressive and loud speakers are right. Even our supporters asked why we did not sue the people defaming us. Today some of our lawyers lodged a complaint against the individuals who have been spreading defamatory claims, which discredit the business reputation of our company. We always take responsibility for our statements. We expect the same, at least, from our opponents, to the benefit of the society,” concluded Armen Stepanyan.


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