IDeA Foundation will redevelop the Friendship Park in Gyumri


Yerevan /Mediamax/. IDeA (Initiatives for Development of Armenia) Foundation comes up with its new initiative on restoration and redevelopment of the Friendship Park in Gyumri.

“This project reflects our commitment to empower local community, foster social and economic change and contribute to the sustainable future of Gyumri and generations ahead. It is a unique project with blend of commercial, social and philanthropic components and building on Public-Private Partnerships”, IDeA’s press release says.

The very idea of the park's reconstruction already reflects the importance of social impact, as it is driven by the great desire of residents of Gyumri to have a recreation area in their city where families with children will spend their leisure time, where young people can organize different kind of interesting events and implement their creative ideas.

To implement the program, the IDeA Foundation and Gyumri Municipality have signed a memorandum, according to which the parties agreed to cooperate in supporting over 20 homeless families still living in temporary makeshifts after the earthquake on the park area to be moved to comfortable apartments.

Several families have already received apartments thanks to financial support of the IDeA Foundation, while the process of selecting apartments for other families according to their needs continues in a positive atmosphere and mutual understanding.

The park is seen as a link of rich cultural heritage of the city (historic Kumayri center) with its innovative future.  This “Friendship” park reflects the idea of cohesion, friendship and devotion to all countries and nations that helped Armenia during the earthquake of 1988. The park development continues the idea of strong network and multi-partnership importance in urban regeneration projects for the development of Armenia.  In this regards, Friendship park restoration will not only become an anchor project in Gyumri but will act as a turning point for larger urban regeneration, with the development of surrounding areas.

The detailed concept of the project will be presented by IDeA and partner organizations in October 2018. 

Along with strategic prioritization of 5 sectors for economic growth and job creation (Tourism, Financial infrastructure, Technology & Energy, Agroecology & Sustainability, Mining) and 5 fields for the creation of a harmonious environment (education, healthcare infrastructure, urban development, cultural heritage preservation, identity engagement / positioning of Armenia), IDeA targets 5 geographic locations, namely Dilijan-Sevan, Tatev-Goris, Yerevan-Echmiadzin, Stepanakert-Shushi and Gyumri.


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