Mark Pritchard: Lydian’s operation meets the highest standards

Mark Pritchard
Mark Pritchard

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. British Trade Envoy to Armenia and Georgia, MP Mark Pritchard said that Lydian, which is responsible for Amulsar gold project, has the highest standards of environmental protection in all their business dealings.

He made this statement in an exclusive interview to Banks.am.

“Lydian has invested huge amount of money here, and most importantly, lots of people. It’s bringing a real contribution to the economy of Armenia,” the British Envoy said.
Touching upon the widespread concerns on the environmental risks that the company’s operation may entail, Mark Pritchard noted:

“On the environmental side, whether it’s a big or a small company, there are always tensions between mining and environmentalists. That’s nothing new and will probably never change. But companies and countries need to progress and I understand that Lydian has the highest standards of environmental protection in all their business dealings.”

The British official remarked that mining companies will always have their critics.

“But Lydian has done its utmost and will continue to do the best to make sure the company meets the highest environmental standards of Armenia,” he said.

Here you can read the full interview of Mark Pritchard.


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