Armenia to incorporate EU expertise to increase population resistance

Photo: Ministry Emergency Situations of Armenia

Photo: Ministry Emergency Situations of Armenia

Photo: Ministry Emergency Situations of Armenia

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Minister of Emergency Situations of Armenia Davit Tonoyan received today the delegation led by Sergey Anagnosti, team leader of "Prevention, Preparedness and Response to man-made and natural Disasters in the ENPI East Region (PPRD East)" program.

According to MES, the sides discussed the process of implementation of PPRD East in Armenia.

The program features improvement of institutional and legislative bases in the sector of emergency situations, exchange of experience and incorporation of EU Civil Protection Mechanism for the development of capabilities in protection of Armenian population.

As an important mechanism for increasing population resistance, Davot Tonoyan emphasized formation of volunteer rescue forces and disaster data loss with application of EU expertise.

The sides “registered significant progress” in the assessment of already implemented measures within the program.


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