Former Minister of Energy Armen Movsisyan dies

Armen Movsisyan
Armen Movsisyan

Photo: PAN Photo

Yerevan. Mediamax. Former Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Advisor to the President Armen Movsisyan died on September 21.

The RPA’s office confirmed the news talking to Mediamax.

According to the disseminated information, Armen Movsisyan died in Germany. Earlier, he was diagnosed with cancer.

Armen Movsisyan was born in Kapan on January 13, 1962.

Over 1998-2000, he held the position of Executive Director of South Electric Network.

In 2000-2001, he was Deputy Minister of Energy of Armenia, in July-December 2001, he held the post of the Deputy Chairman of Water Economy State Committee.

On April 18, 2001- April 30, 2014, he was the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia.

In 2014, Armen Movsisyan was appointed Advisor to the Armenian President.

Armen Movsisyan was a Candidate of Technical Sciences, and a member of RPA.


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