Russian serviceman declared wanted in Armenia -


Russian serviceman declared wanted in Armenia

Photo: Guardian

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Six members of Avetisyan family were murdered in Gyumri today.

The police press release reads:


“The Kumayri division of Gyumri city police received a call at 12:30 on January 12 reporting about people shot dead in number 188 house on Myasnikyan Street in Gyumri.


The operational group found out that an unknown person shot dead the residents of mentioned house, among them Seryozha Avetisyan born in 1961, Hasmik Avetisyan born in 1959, Aida Avetisyan born in 1979, Armen Avetisyan born in 1981, Araksya Poghosyan born in 1990 and Hasmik Avetisyan (the latter’s birth date is being specified).


Seryozha Avetisyan born in 2014 was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.


Police Chief Vladimir Gasparyan assigned to set up a task force headed by First Deputy Chief of Police Hunan Poghosyan. The task force has already left for Gyumri.


Operational groups comprising high-ranking officials of various police services as well as special unit officials operate in Gyumri.


Comprehensive emergency and operational intelligence search measures are taken.


We will further inform about the course of crime detection”.


Another police press release reads:


“Conscript serviceman Valery Permyakov is suspected of the murder. The police call on the attention and support of the citizens. If you see the person in the picture, please promptly call 1-02 or go to the nearest police division”.

According to Radio Azatutyun, the criminal is on the run and, in all likelihood, he is armed. The Radio informed that commander of Russia's 102nd military base in Armenia Andrey Ruzinsky has arrived at the scene.


Spokesperson for Armenian Prosecutor General Sona Truzyan told Mediamax that army boots with “Permyakov” last name on them were found at the scene.


In order to get commentary, Mediamax contacted the press service of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces and was recommended to send a written inquiry.


The Health Ministry informed that wounded Seryozha Avetisyan (born in 2014) was taken to the Austrian Hospital. The child underwent a surgery.


“The child was wounded in the breast. His abdominal cavity organs were thoroughly examined. The examination revealed no injuries to these organs. The 40-minute surgery was successful. The child is presently in the intensive care department. Doctors say he is in a critical condition”, the press release reads.


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