Grigoryan: Armenia is trying to sign the peace treaty as soon as possible -


Grigoryan: Armenia is trying to sign the peace treaty as soon as possible


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Secretary of Armenia’s Security Council Armen Grigoryan said today that Armenia has received the 10th package of peace treaty proposals from Azerbaijan.

“The process is dynamic, sometimes there is progress, sometimes there is not,” Armen Grigoryan said speaking to reporters. He noted that Azerbaijan has not yet responded to Armenia’s proposal on creating a joint investigation mechanism:


“Naturally, Armenia is worried about the misinformation spread by Azerbaijan about ceasefire violations by the Armenian side. It is clear that there was no escalation from the Armenian side and no shots were fired either.”


According to him, everyone is responsible for the peace in the region, first of all, the regional countries, as well as the international partners.


Speaking about the border demarcation process, Armen Grigoryan noted that it is taking place in parts, and there is still no agreement on where the next border demarcation will take place.


“The demarcation process will bring more stability. However, a peace treaty is needed for complete stability. We need peace to be sure that there will be no escalation, this is the main guarantee. Armenia is trying to have a peace agreement as soon as possible,” the Secretary of the Security Council concluded.


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