Russia-Turkey deal on S-400 supply signed, about to be fulfilled


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Russian Presidential Aide for Military Technical Cooperation Vladimir Kozhin stated that the contract with Turkey on supply of S-400 air defense missile systems is "signed and about to be fulfilled”.

“S-400 is one of the most complex systems that combines a whole set of technical components, so there are lots of nuances here. I can guarantee that all decisions regarding this contract are strictly compliant with our strategic interests. We understand why certain Western countries, which try to pressure Turkey, react the way the do,” Vladimir Kozhin told in the interview to TASS.

He also noted that several Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern countries and “some CSTO member-states” are waiting in line to buy S-400 systems.

“We received a high number of applications, many countries expressed interest in this system. But you need to understand that it’s very expensive equipment and not everyone can affort it,” said the Presidential Aide.


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