Aliyev names change of Armenia’s Constitution as a condition for peace -


Aliyev names change of Armenia’s Constitution as a condition for peace


Yerevan /Mediamax/. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev stated today that "if Armenia makes changes to the Constitution and other legal documents, it will be possible to achieve peace.”

“Armenia’s claims against Azerbaijan in international courts are based on such issues as non-recognition of Azerbaijan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, separation of Karabakh from Azerbaijan. If Armenia puts an end to territorial claims towards Azerbaijan and makes changes to the Constitution and other normative-legal documents, peace can be achieved,” Aliyev said, receiving Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union Martin Chungong in Baku.


He also noted that de facto peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia has already been established, and a peaceful situation has been prevailing on the border of the two countries for several months.


“But in order to bring this process to its logical conclusion, it is necessary to sign a peace treaty and put an end to Armenia’s territorial claims towards Azerbaijan,” the Azerbaijani president said.


Aliyev noted that Armenia’s Declaration of Independence “contains direct calls for the unification of Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region with Armenia and the violation of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The references to this document are also reflected in the Constitution of Armenia.”


“In addition, Armenia’s other normative legal documents also contain territorial claims towards Azerbaijan, many conventions and other documents Armenia has joined have numerous reservations that do not recognize Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh,” Aliyev said.


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