Criminal proceedings to be initiated against Seyran Ohanyan -


Criminal proceedings to be initiated against Seyran Ohanyan

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Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenia’s National Assembly backed today the petition of the Prosecutor General to strip off Seyran Ohanyan of parliamentary immunity and initiate criminal proceedings against him.

Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan submitted 3 motions, two of which were discussed in an open mode, one behind closed doors.


Only Civil Contract ruling party faction took part in the voting.


Overall, 107 deputies participated in the voting, 68 voted for, no deputies voted against.


Armenia and I Have Honor factions stated initially that they would not participate in either the discussion or the voting.


Before the voting, Prosecutor General Anna Vardapetyan stated that Seyran Ohanyan used his official position to commit a particularly large amount of embezzlement, as well as due to other personal and group interests, used his official position against the interests of the service, which negligently caused grave consequences.


Anna Vardapetyan also stated that Seyran Ohanyan did not express any position regarding criminal prosecution against him due to the expiration of the statute of limitations.


Seyran Ohanyan rejects the accusations against him.


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