Pashinyan does not rule out an appeal to UN Security Council -


Pashinyan does not rule out an appeal to UN Security Council

Photo: Press service of the Armenian government

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Acting Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan today has stated that “I do not consider the initial plan of Azerbaijan to be neutralized.”

At the Q&A session at the parliament, he has noted that the purpose of Azerbaijan’s provocation in the Lake Sev area was to initiate an armed clash and create a corridor to Bichenek (Nakhijevan) with force.


“Our partners must be clearly informed about this plan and express a clear position. CSTO has not expressed a clear position that Azerbaijani troops must withdraw. The position has been expressed in working communication, but not publicly,” said Pashinyan.


Touching on appealing to the UN Security Council, the acting PM has said that the possibility is on the agenda. “We have never excluded it and we do not exclude now that we might take that opportunity, if we see that the CSTO mechanisms or the means we have as part of the Armenian-Russian joint forces are not enough to resolve the situation,” he said.


Pashinyan has spoken about the working document as well, stating: “There is way we sign any document until the Azeri troops are in our territory. We have suggested two options: either the Azerbaijani troops withdraw and then we sign an agreed document or the document indicates how many days Azerbaijani troops have to withdraw. When the document was not yet leaked, we presented two proposals in the written form on the content of the document: one was the return of all POWs and the other was provision of the coordinates beyond which the Azerbaijani forces should be staying. There has been no response.”


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