Bright Armenia declares itself “the only opposition party” in the parliament -


Bright Armenia declares itself “the only opposition party” in the parliament

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Yerevan/Mediamax/. Bright Armenia Party, one of the three to pass the 5% threshold in the early parliamentary elections, has said in a statement it will be "the only opposition party” in the National Assembly.

“We value legitimate elections and thank our voters for the trust they bestowed on us. We consider it public assessment of our active work of three years, proof that Armenian society puts forward an unconditional demand for a free state built on the European model.


At the same time, the December 9 elections concluded the revolution. Armenia is entering a stage of systemic and institutional reforms, where the parliament needs a group with an agenda, a group to serve as a balancing force.


By values, Bright Armenia stands in opposition to the political majority. At the same time, we have concerns that even after the revolution large business and policies carry the consequences of chronically ill system, and the fight against them will become a priority for our party.


We remain committed to the values and principles adopted by our party, which aims for systemic reforms and unification of the society behind these values. As the only opposition party to come out of the historical elections in the new Armenia, we are always open to cooperation with political forces and individuals outside of the parliament,” Bright Armenia said in a statement. 


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